Welcome to the Low Carbon Societies Network

As part of the network, we continue facilitating information flows between European Civil Society Organizations’ (CSOs) and research institutes working on low-carbon energy scenarios and technologies.
The network was established by the ENCI-LowCarb Project (2009-12), supported by EU FP7. 
On the web site you can find:
- Reports, Posters, Newsletter published by the Project in 2009-12.
- Collection of Scenarios (Global, Reginal, National),  Best Practices, and Contacts.
As there is big interest, we try to update these. Suggestions for corrections are welcome. Please send them to ove@inforse.org.  
You can also join the network and connect to the Low Carbon colleagues!
Note: The Collection of Scenarios and Conacts are continued being updated beyond the Project's lifetime, as much as possible !

There are more than 135 researchers and CSOs working are members and more than 40 European scenarios are available.

+ 135 Members
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+ 40 Scenarios

Project Reports



The propject is ended by 2012, but the collection of scenarios is continued being updated.

Check out the New European CLEVER Scenario, June 2023:

Regional Scenarios

National Scenarios

Global Scenarios 

  Project's News (2009-12):

•  March 15, 2012
Paris, France
Final Conference

• Newsletter No.9, March 2012March, 2012
Newsletter # 9