Collection of Scenarios

This page include overviews of low-carbon scenarios with at least 80% reductions of CO2 and/or all greenhouse gases until 2050 and that are part of sustainable development, respecting environmental limits and resource constraints.
Note: INFORSE-Europe Secretariat is updating this site beyond the ENCI-Lowcarbon poject's lifetime.

The scenarios are divided in:

Global Scenarios

Regional/International Scenarios

National Scenarios

Local Scenarios

General materials:

pdf file«What Can Models Do and Say and What Not?
Energy, Economy, and Environment Prospective»
Presentation by Ruben Bibas (CIRED, France), Sandrine Mathy (CIRED, France), and Brigitte Knopf (PIK, Germany).
 Pdf file (0.6 MB) of the presentation, April 29, 2010, Brussels.

Pdf file«Piloting the Transition - On the Importance of
Unlocking from Current Technological and
Consumption Pathways»
Presentation by K. Marechal, CEESE, ULB.
 Pdf file (0.8 MB) of the Power Point Presentation on April 29, 2010

If you would like to propose a low carbon scenario, please email


The  project is ended in 2012,
but the collection of scenarios
is continued being updated.

Check out the New European
CLEVER Scenario, June 2023:

Regional Scenarios

National Scenarios

Global Scenarios

 Project's News in 2009-12:

March 15, 2012
Paris, France
Final Conference

• Newsletter No.9, March 2012March, 2012
Newsletter # 9