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Calais Region in North of France
2016, 2013, 2008
- "Better living in Nord-Pas de Calais - for an energy shift and social transitions", 2016
The 2016 study explores the horizons by 2025 and by 2050 concerning energy savings and jobs associated with changes in lifestyles and economic and social organizations.
- "Scenarios of Energy Conservation and Social Transitions, 2013
The 2013 study shows that the energy savings are in range between 26% and 40%.
- "Energy of tomorrow -
Virage-énergie Nord-Pas de Calais”,  2008
The 2008 scenario  (a region in the north of France) aims a nuclear-free reduction by 75% of regionally emitted greenhouse gases by 2050.

"Solar Catalonia: A Pathway to a 100% Renewable Energy System for Catalonia", Barcelona/Makkleeberg 2009
The goal of the project is to show that a sustainable renewable and efficient energy system is able to supply Catalonia’s need for electricity.

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Solar City Göteborg 2050
Visions and scenarios for sustainable energy in the Göteborg Region in Sweden. In the Göteborg region the population increases from 850,000 to 1.2 million inhabitants in a future sustainable society. Each person uses 25 000 kWh which is half of that of today. This means that the region’s energy supply is reduced by one-third. The energy will come from biomass, wind and marine current energy, solar electricity and hydro power. Solar heat will apply half the yearly hot water supply and some of the district heating.

Solar Region Skåne and Solar City Malmø, Sweden
Region Skåne’s ambition is to become a fossil-free region. The objective is for fuels and energy to be renewable and eventually completely free of emissions of harmful substances.

Energy 2030, Upper Austria
By 2030, Upper Austria aims to cover 100 % of its space heat and electricity demand from renewable energy sources.


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