Seminar - October 25, 2011, Brussels

Stakeholder Seminar and Debate:
"''Engaging Civil Society in the EU Roadmap Process''

Presentations and debate centered around:

  • Stakeholder Opinions on the EU's 2050 Climate Roadmap
  • Scenario Results & Stakeholder Engagement in Scenarios in Germany and France

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Date: October 25, 2011
Location: Brussels, Belgium

  Introduction to Seminar
by Meike Fink, Coordinator of ENCI-Low Carbon Climate Action Network-France (RAC-France) 
   Moderation: Tim Nuthall, European Climate Foundation (ECF)
 Stakeholder Opinions and Debate on the EU Roadmap 2050
Presentation of EU Climate Roadmap 2050
by Damyana Stoynova, Unit A4, Strategy and Economic Assessment, DG Climate Action.
Presentation, 240kB pdf file
Discussion Notes (pdf file)
  NGO Perspective
by Frauke Thies,Greenpeace Europe
Discussion: Notes (pdf file)
  Industry Perspective
by John Scowcroft, Eurelectric
Eurelectric is the association of European power companies.
Discussion: Notes (pdf file)
   Trade Union Perspective
by Jan Willem Goudriaan, European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU)
Representing more than 270 unions - 8 million public service workers

Discussion: Notes (pdf file) 
Scenario Results & Stakeholder Engagement in Scenarios  
 Low Carbon Scenarios for Germany, Social and Stakeholder Acceptance
by Jan Burck, Germanwatch
Presentation, 260 kB pdf file
Scenarios for Germany using Economic modelling
by Brigitte Knopf, PIK - Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research
Presentation, 318 kB pdf file
Discussion: Notes (pd file)
Strengthening the GHG emission Objective for 2020, Impacts on France
by Sandrine Mathy, CIRED - International Research Center on Environment and Development.
Presentation: 303 kB pdf file
Discussion: Notes (pdf file)
Presentation of a Recently Published Low Carbon Scenario for France
by Yves Marignac, négaWatt.
Presentation: 1.3 MB pdf file
Discussion: Notes (pdf file)
Social Acceptance of Renewable Energy Innovations
by Nina Hampl, Institute for Economy and the Environment (IWOE), University of St. Gallen.
Presentation, 669 kB pdf file
Discussion: Notes (pdf file)
Posters of the
ENCI LowCarb Project.
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The seminar was organized in the frame of the FP7 research project: ENCI-Lowcarb “ENgaging CIvil society in Low Carbon scenarios”

The Project is ended in 2012,
but the collection of scenarios
is continued being updated:

Check out the New European
CLEVER Scenario, June 2023:

Regional Scenarios

National Scenarios

Global Scenarios

News from Project (2009-12)

•  March 15, 2012
Paris, France
Final Conference

• Newsletter No.9, March 2012March, 2012
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