Final Public Conference: March 15, 2012

Final Public Conference Proceedings
Energy Scenarios for France and Germany
– How to Link Questions of Social Acceptance with Scenario Creation Processes?

Date: March 15, 2012
Time: 10.15 -17.30
Place: Conference Center FIAP Jean Monnet, Paris, France
Address: 30 rue Cabanis, 75014 Paris, Métro: Line 6 Glacière.
Download:  Program for the Final Conference (pdf 135 kB)


Welcoming / Meike Fink (Climate Action Network France)

SESSION 1:  Scenario Building Processes – What is the Role of  Stakeholders and Civil Society?

Possibilistic Foreknowledge and Policy Recommendations: Stakeholder' Contribution

by Eugen Pissarskoi (Institute for Ecological Economy Research).
  pdf file (0.5 MB)

European Energy 2050 Roadmap & Stakeholder Consultation
by Manfred Deker (European Commission DG Energy)
  pdf file (1.5 MB)

SESSION 2:  A Participatory Approach - Decarbonization Pathways for Germany & France

A Methodology for a Collaborative Scenario Creation Process. Presentation of the collaborative scenario creation process used within 2 different countries with 2 different modeling tools
by Eva Schmid (Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research - PIK)
 pdf file (0.6 MB)

Pathways to a Low Carbon Future in Germany - 2050: A Participatory Approach. Presentation of three long-term mitigation scenarios for Germany.

by Eva Schmid / Brigitte Knopf (Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research - PIK)
 pdf file (0.9 MB)

Pathways to a Low Carbon Future in France - 2050: A Participatory Approach. Presentation of several long-term mitigation scenarios for France.
by Sandrine Mathy and Ruben Bibas (International Research Center for Environment - CIRED)
  pdf file (1.0 MB)
Lunch  Break at the FIAP Conference Center
 Newsletter, posters,  some of the reports and factsheets were available at the Final Public Conference.

SESSION 3:  Scenarios, Stakeholder Consultation & Political Decision-Making

Roundtable - Scenarios Creation Processes: Transparency, Diversity, Harmonization - What is the Role of Scenarios in the Political Decision Making Process?

by Tim Nuthall, European Climate Foundation.

Jan Burck, Germanwatch, and
Christian de Perthuis, University Paris - Dauphine  

Sandrine Mathy, CIRED, France, and
Yves Marignac, négaWatt, France

Manfred Deker (European Commission DG Energy), and Eva Schmid, PIK, Germany.


Concluding Remarks  -

Call for Networking by Gunnar Boye Olesen,

Pre-Meeting: March 14, 2012

For organizations interested in development of their own scenarios and strategies there was a Pre-Meeting on March 14 to discuss the practical organization of scenario work, stakeholder involvement, project organization, outreach, and funding.
Please contact: Gunnar Boye Olesen by a mail to: .


The Project is ended in 2012,
but the collection of scenarios
is continued being updated:

Check out the New European
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•  March 15, 2012
Paris, France
Final Conference

• Newsletter No.9, March 2012March, 2012
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